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Class 12






Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production


The term ''inbreeding depressi...

The term ''inbreeding depression'' is related to

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The term ''inbreeding depression'' is related to


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increased fertility and productivityincreased milk production reduced fertility and productivityreduced milk production.

Answer : C
Solution : Continued inbreeding, especially close breeding usually reduces fertility and even productivity. This is called inbreeding depression.


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The term ''inbreeding depression'' is related to
Chapter NameStrategies For Enhancement In Food Production
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hello vacation the term inbreeding depression is related to options are increase fertility and productivity increase milk production reduced fertility and productivity and reduce Milk products ok so first of all that it is inbreeding depression in breathing depression ok so this is the case of inbreeding depression happens when ever a for the several German generation in breeding experiments in breathing for the several generation so there are various experiments that conducted for the study of inbreeding depression for the four 4th generation or form without 7th generation 5th generation various experiments are conducted what is inbreeding this is the breathing between order crossing between the same

read in between the brick and what is the video but it is a group of animals we can say or individuals or organism that is correlated with the same characters only consider interbreeding population of a particular organism that is known as the breed right so with the help of this including experiment we can expose we can expose the less desirable ji desirable because all genes are present in Sudheer are particularly to an order 12 in the inbreeding what will have

did is exposed of all the release of the genes and the less desirable Jin we can eliminate who eliminated the less but when the continued after the continued in breathing but will happen where is inbreeding depression because it reduce the fertility and productivity of that particular right to let see other options as well you're the first option that is increase fertility and productivity is your wrong here ok increase milk production is also wrong because it is not related to the inbreeding depression for that is reduced fertility and productivity is absolutely correct because the continued experiments for the several generations of inbreeding leads to the inbreeding depression that will lead to the reduced fertility and productivity of that particular and reduce milk production is again

right answer for the question is option C I hope this will answer your question thank you


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