The stipules are modified into tendrils in


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hello student the question as the stipules are modified into tender in and your printhan it's my life as for dinner Gloria what is the stipules and water can understand if they make the diagram shows the plant and yes the leaf on the stock there is an outgrowth there is an outgrowth are known as what are used as a small hair light outdoor activities of Register or period for the candle is a diagram suppose this is the plant
and dog Hilton head like structures come ok and health plan to get attached with any other support this is called what we can say about candle candle of the shape of which which at add and gold the plant to give support and climb on the other plants and sometimes this standard may also act as parasite come to question the question is the modified into tendril in the answer is smile
my life why because a smile is a thorny plant and it belongs to the family coti coti it have the grandmother that's why institutes and modified into tender soda correct option as a student

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