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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 28


The steps involved in the mech...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The steps involved in the mechanism of muscle contraction are given below. Arrange the steps in proper sequential order and select the correct option. I. Release of calcium ions in the sarcoplasm. II. Signal sent by the CNS via a motor neuron. III. Binding of calcium with a subunit of troponin on actin filaments. IV. Generation of the action potential in the sarcolemma. V. Binding of myosin head to the exposed active sites on actin to form a cross-bridge. VI. Inward pulling of ‘Z’ line attached to actin causing shortening of the sarcomere. VII. Pulling of the attached actin filaments towards the centre of 'A' band. VIII. Release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine and generation of the action potential in the sarcolemma.

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Answer : B

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Chapter NameNta Neet Set 28
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is the steps involved in mechanism of muscle contraction are given below are the steps in proper sequential order and select the correct option diagram represents the steps of muscle contraction of muscle contraction central nervous system via motor neurone and neuromuscular junction neuromuscular junction muscular section part and diagram of and part of the motor neurone Vishva all structures were part of muscular tissues and muscle fibre muscle contraction central nervous system

friends a signal wire motor neurone and then calcium + 2 and enter in motor neurone by which require cycle cost and neurotransmitter acetylcholine is released from the era of acetylcholine and YouTube entry of calcium iron get bust and religious acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction and acetylcholine with acetylcholine receptor found at the post junctional membrane which is located at sakoli this Manisha colima and acetylcholine receptor and after the binding of acetylcholine receptor after the burning of acetylcholine with the receptor and a plus voltage-gated Chehra

open which are found at sarcolemma here and there any Plus and enter in intracellular fluid and the depolarization occur by which action potential is generated at Sar Ko Lena clear action potential is generated action potential is generated and then action potential at a point on a whole sakoli muscle fibre in the form of a wave of action potential enters into treatable and then into LT bills which causes the opening of calcium plus two voltage gated channels are found on sarcoplasmic reticulum that is as people hear this and this one is the release of Castamere

calcium Ion release sarcoplasm words from l to get a channel Calcium channel and this one is the release of calcium iron sarcoplasm all other part of calcium + 2 and B with proper name that is PPC found on acting climate that is thin client this money is troponin and then configuration of troponin test which causes and masking of acting acting tropomyosin from the surface of filaments and myosin binding site found on reacting becomes free

bind with acting mining site of myosin head and to form the cross breed this is the formation of cross Bridge Patna ATP hydrolysis atmos in head of it is hydrolysed at myosin head by the help of action of educated and found on my Chinhat inorganic phosphate removed from the myosin head and actin binding site found are marching ahead with the myosin binding site of global active and form the growth bridge and where it removes adenosine diphosphate add remove from marketing head and actin filaments lies toward the centre of a band Kiya the centre of a bank

over the thick filament by which Z line is pulled towards the length of sarcomere is decreased contraction occurs at another myosin head and same phenomenon occurs continuously and actin filaments life was continuously and maximum contraction at John becomes disappear and answer is the mechanism of muscle contraction not choose the right option is the second signals sent by central nervous system motor neurone disease and then release of neurotransmitter

and generation of action potential in circular statement and next one is a generation of action potential in sakoli one third statement after that release of calcium ions in Sako Plaza 4th statement that is for which first state mein first statement is 4th Street and then binding of calcium carbonate of troponin on actin filaments and then binding of marketing head to export active sites on Active to form a cross breed still the release of this one is pulling off a test acting climate towards the centre of a band this month 7th

after that in word pulling of Z line at test to active causing shortening of the Taco and on arranging the steps of this statement answer will be to thank you

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पेशियों के संकुचन की क्रियाविधि में नीचे दिए गए चरण शामिल हैं। उचित क्रम में चरणों को व्यवस्थित करें और सही विकल्प का चयन कीजिये। <br> 1.पेशीद्रव्य में कैल्सियम आयनों का विमोचन <br> II.एक प्रेरक तंत्रिकोशिका से CNS द्वारा संकेत भेजना <br> III. ऐक्टिन तंतुओं पर ट्रोपोनिन की एक उपइकाई के साथ कैल्सियम का बंधन <br> IV. सार्कोलेमा में क्रिया विभव का उत्पादन <br> V. क्रॉस-ब्रिज बनाने के लिए एक्टिन पर प्रकट सक्रिय स्थलों से मायोसिन के शीर्ष का बंधन <br> VI.ऐक्टिन से जुड़ी 'Z' रेखा के अंतर्मुखी खिंचाव से सार्कोमियर का छोटा होना <br> VII. 'A' बैंड के केंद्र की ओर संलग्न ऐक्टिन तंतुओं का खिंचाव <br> VIII. तंत्रिका संचारी ऐसिटिलकोलीन का विमोचन और सार्कोलेमा में क्रिया विभव का उत्पादन
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