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Class 12






Biodiversity And Conservation


The species which are likely t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The species which are likely to be in the danger of ex- tinction in the near future if the factors threatening their extinction continue are known as

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Text Solution

Threatened speciesRare species Vulnerable species Endangered species

Answer : C

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Chapter NameBiodiversity And Conservation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello everyone letter start the question of a questions is that the species which are likely to be in danger of extinction in the near future if the factors affecting their extinction continue are known as first threatened species S is really species third is 1 reval species and put one is the endangered species so here if you are talking about our question that is a species which are likely be to of extinction in the near future then these type of species will be called as our endangered species of these species are called as our endangered species that it is these are the species which are at the great risk of the extinction here there will be present at the great rate of the extinction and their number is sold as they may disappear from the nature and here are the major factor which can cause the extinction of such type of species can be the year can be aware Habitat loss it caused

appetite loss as well as the hunting accessories hunting and climate change this can be the causes of extinction of these type of species if you're talking about our first option that is over 38 interspecies a threatened species are the 1222 the endangered mint here these are the species which can which can also endangered Ahir they can be vulnerable to the endangered and then they can become the extinct from the nature and if you're talking about a second one that is over there is species so there is species are the group of the organisms which are very uncommon here these species are very uncommon can see there will be a cause or in front in frequently encountered and if you are talking about our third one that has a word 1 level is species so wonderful is PC

this species of a plant or animal that that can become endangered here these become endangered this type of species will become endangered and unless something changes here until something changes it can be and injured so here are our correct answer with the fourth option that is the endangered species I hope this answers your question thank you

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