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Class 11






Locomotiona Nd Movement


The role of calcium in muscle ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The role of calcium in muscle contraction is :

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to break the cross-bridges as a cofactor in the hydrolysis of ATPto bind with troponin, changing its shape so that the actin filament is exposedto transmit the action potential across the neuromuscular junctionto reestablish the polarization of the plasma's membrane following an action potential

Answer : B
Solution : to bind with troponin, changing its shape so that the actin filament is exposed

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Chapter NameLocomotiona Nd Movement
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question the role of calcium in muscle contraction of muscles in our body muscles involved in the contraction and regulation of also and because of the muscle contraction and relaxation we are able to walk and we are able to show certain kind of Movement in case of the muscles are the two types of the one it is acting and the another one it is TI mayusi acting it is the filament sure it is a microfilament who is having the troponin there is a presence of the pretty opponent on its surface and the opponent has the role to mask the site it is having the regulation of the masking the site and when the calcium calcium it is released by the sarcoplasmic reticulum where it is store near me

and during the stimulation of the contract it is released and it will go and it will act on this proponent it will act on this property and it will cause the change in shape they will be the change in the shape of the proper name so that it will expose the site which it is masking here so that the miocene would come and it would B W E acting with the help of the energy ATP here right and then it will result in the contraction we can see that to bind the opponent change its shape for the actin filament is exposed to word


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