The male cone of Pinus is modified


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hello friends Amit question hearing the male cone of pinus is modified and options are ladle him to 820 owner of a modified Thar modified in right ovary in are the modified modified shoot ok ok now what happens you are right in close to ok they are rising close to means group they are rising clusters and at the base of long you ok the an instructor at the
long shoes arriving at the long and present in cloth will represent in the group and the right in the middle of the chamber ok in case of game this they will arrive at the axle part when we take the case of working leave then it will arise in the axle parts name Konica Kaun is home to a main flower of angiosperm Amin Khalifa Koun Koun will be the what happened it will be home logo flower of angiosperm OK Google it is gomolo goes to the male flower of the Anju
OK when was our options in option one is saying that middle know this will be the wrong option because it does not modify it to the and killed because it is not modified in the correct incorrect because I'm Neelkanth of pinus is modified and long to Trigger the also the wrong option so we can write two good near that the correct option will the option number 3 which is that of pinus is modified to Ashu ok so I hope you doubt is clearly now thank you

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