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The lower jaw in mammals is ma...

The lower jaw in mammals is made up of

Video Solution: The lower jaw in mammals is made up of

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Maxilla DentaryMandible Ethmoid.

Answer : C
Solution : Dentary is membranous bone found in the lower jaw of some vertebrates (e.g., Frog).


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QuestionThe lower jaw in mammals is made up of
Chapter NameLocomotion And Movement
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hello today answer the question question is the lord in mammals is made up of optional maxilla entry mandible so if you see the in-laws or in memory that is made up of that is called as the mandible it is called as the mehndi mehndi it is the largest and the strongest bone in the human face it is one of the largest and largest strongest bone in a strongest bone in human face human face and this is also the only movable bone of the skull of face and it is also only movable bone in the skull and it is movable also

that is the mandible option options are maxilla maxilla from opposite winforms this is incorrect entry sometime lower it is being confused with the dentry also be caused entry it is the anterior bone which is present in mandibles in a some literature than tree or is also written as a lower job but a country is just the interior bone which forms a lower jaw mandible his overall completely turned as a lower jaw to sometimes these items get confused get confusing but it is not actually it is simply a bone so we can say that this is incorrect mandible yes mandible is correct and that is the that is the bone of the unpaired bone of the cranium which is present at the roof of the nose and with separate the nasal cavity from the cal so this is also in correct option she is correct hope you get it thank you