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The joint of femur with pelvic girdle is


Text Solution

hinge joint
non-movable joint
pivot joint
ball and socket joint
The correct Answer is D
In a ball and socket joint, a ball like structure one bone fits into a socket like structure of another bone. Joint between acetabulm of pelvic girdle (hip girdle) and head of fenur is an example of ball and socket joint.


this question there asking what kind of joint with joint of femur with pelvic girdle is so we have to select the correct answer from the given options are available here option b is not a correct answer is not a non movable joint because variety of movement considerable movement as possible in the joint of femur with pelvic girdle because basically Seema is our Hai bone lagwane 9 April and pelvic girdle be me the hip girdle over here basically we are talking about the hip joint which helps in articulating a lower Limb a leg with the rest of the skeletal system so because a leg and more about quite brilliant the ham joint so definitely this is a Synovial Joint
Synovial joints are such joints in our body where we are going to find a fluid filled cavity the bones are articulated in such a way that we find a cavity filled with Synovial fluid at the point of contact of these bones Synovial joints or severe many category so hinge joint is also Synovial Joint what hip joint is not the correct example for such a joint this joint account in the name album such sites and a body then the pivot joint again it is a Synovial Joint with this we are going to find between the first and second vertebrae in a vertebral column so the joint between Atlas and axis is a pivot joint and over here are correct answer is going to be option t the joint of femur with pelvic girdle even the joint of humour pectoral girdle are hip
shoulder both of these are the ball and socket joint and they therefore allow for a considerable movements in many directions


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