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Class 11






Morphology Of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)


The individual parts of the pe...

The individual parts of the perianth are known as

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The individual parts of the perianth are known as


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Answer : C


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The individual parts of the perianth are known as
Chapter NameMorphology Of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello shootings in this question we need to find out that the individual parts of a perianth are known as city of a thing is that you must know what is a parent to Parent is a structure which is found in family liliaceae Sreesanth in family liliaceae to which the Lily belong in this type of a structure in which we can say that the petals and sepals are not distinguished from each other for logically broadleaf ECE this cannot be distinguished from each other they look exactly similar where as in some cases the entire world may look like a Petal in that case it is called as a petaloid sepals Where are on the other it is it will look like devils in that is it is called as a supply till now tables is basically the word which is given

for the individual parts of a parent process can be calix Itni bhi Corolla Pali Re percentage in a floral diagram we write as we know we write Galaxy AS ke in the floral diagram and Corolla as but when we have to represent the text that may be a better Lloyd tables or it may be supplied table the tables that is the variant will be represented as capital P suppose if there are three cells and their three petals attribute that 3 + 3 by vacancy in this picture was a senior leaders are the petals and these are the cells while we can see the sepals and petals are not distance from each other as in case of other flowers is there sepals are usually green in colour and the petals are coloured so in this case is AB de Villiers C example is really where petals and

sepals are not distinguish from each other and they look similar it is represented as variant or tapety in the floral diagram and written as 3 + 3 answer this question becomes the sea part that is the tables certainly the sepals and petals are the couple's is wrong choice because we know sepals are the green calix world where aspect is a Corolla virus carpals is the female part 8 show the choice of the three becomes the right option for this question this is also this query thank you


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