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Question : The glomerular filtrate contains

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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urea , uric acid, globulin urea , vitamin C , RBC urea , uric acid, albuminurea , uric acid, glucose and water

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in this question where are that the glomerular filtrate contains rights is simply the first step in the urine formation is the filtration of blood which is simply carried out by the glomerulus and it's called as the glomerular filtration so the glomerular capillary blood pressure causes filtration of blood through three layers write the filtration Akash your in three layers that is the endothelium write the end of helium of rights we enjoy endothelium of the glomerular right glomerular blood vessels write the endothelium of the glomerular blood vessels the epithelium write the Next Layer is the in the API Trillium of bowman's capsule right and then at the basement membrane right

the basement membrane between these two layers so the epithelial cells of the government capsules take a quality podocyte which are arranged in integral intricate Manas was to leave some minute space called filtration slits are the posts of blood is actually filtered so finally so your the blood is filtered rightbuild blood is actually feel tired so finally that almost all the constituents are filtered write all the constituent accept write all the constituents except the accept the plasma write all the constituent of the plasma accept the protein right except the protein and blood cells everything else is filtered Sone protein and blood cells they allowed to pass through and rest all constant

there are actually filtered in the glomerulus the option you are so the option one is urea uric acid in the Global and so globulin is a protein which is not entered urea and uric acid offered to all together this option will be wrong in urea Vitamin C and RBC so RBC are basically the blood cells and they are not filtered right and urea uric acid and albumin again albumin is a protein Soch and this will also not be filtered then urea uric acid glucose and water success is the correct answer your as all of these are the substance that are being filtered right are actually filtered in the glomerulus we can say that it is the option for that the correct answer your

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QuestionThe glomerular filtrate contains
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