Question : The function of hypodermis is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: The function of hypodermis is

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Protection Hardness Support Storage

Answer :


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hello the function of epidermal option A protection of temporary hardness option C support and storage to let the solution and we know that the function of the main function of epidermal cells are to provide mechanical strength to provide the mechanical strength to the plant mechanical strength egg it grow as a group we need the epidermis of the only let it grow for week and they

live with the epidermis epidermis of epidermis of live and it is also the out how to remove bwplayer along with it and tell me about killing Diamond screen time they are made up of made up of Poland time

and all hit type of cell not living they are not living cell they are they are not living cell not living tell and they are not living self to hence they modified into modified in a bi in to provide insight into the plant in monocot anything made up of its time and in Dicot it is made up of Poland kamma

good night message to provide support as it is provide support and 10th wrong protection is also wrong and if the correct the is the solution of person having Alpha

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QuestionThe function of hypodermis is
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