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Class 12






Application Of Biotechnology


The first genetically engineer...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The first genetically engineered human insulin (Humulin) which is a protein, was launched on 5th July 1983 by an American company named

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Text Solution

(a) Columbus(b) Biotech(c) Eli Lilly(d) Hoechast

Answer : C


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Chapter NameApplication Of Biotechnology
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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think of the first genetically engineered human insulin cause you're feeling which is a protein was launched on 5th July 1983 by a metal company correct meaning of an engineer and how it how does company produces insulin a b which is called Pro insulin A and B can be there is removal of peptide insulin it is called functional insulin or we can call it as active form

extracted from the pics to inject into the humans containing a b c and it has to go the maturation to remove this paper that the production of insulin company so distracted both A and B change separately with the steps involved that day extracted and Bechain separately from human and cultured in separate equality and using the genetic engineering by using restriction enzymes and they In colon mental for the multiplication and insulin so

fermenter for insulin production so in producing the stage of 76 Metro stage was injected to the humans so they are less number of side effects in comparison to the which was earlier injected to the humans this was the big success for this company to create a genetically engineer human insulin which was exactly insulin of humans they were able to synthesise


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