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The excretory cells in Platyhe...

Question : The excretory cells in Platyhelminthes are known as ………….

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: The excretory cells in Platyhelminthes are known as ………….

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Solution :
flame cells


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pretty interesting segment are known as in Tab limcee other specialised chatwal sonic and se flame cells they work as by removing waste material

a bundle of flame cells and Hona protonephridia found in invertebrates to how does the spilt ration happens with the help of this films look at this picture of plane cell is the flame cell this is serial present in the chief view and this is 2 opening so what does this to the proposed the water or the liquid fluid down the tool

distribute and out of the body is present on the surface of the body is also take the area also take the interstitial fluid in the animal allowed to filtration organ cells present in that you are known as

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QuestionThe excretory cells in Platyhelminthes are known as ………….
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