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Breathing And Exchange Of Gases


The enzyme that increases the ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The enzyme that increases the reaction rate between CO_(2) and H_(2)O in red blood cell is

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carbonic anhydraseadenylate cyclasecarbonic synthetasealkaline phosphatase.

Answer : A
Solution : About `70%` of `CO_(2)` os transported in plasma in the form bof bicarbonates, `CO_(2)` diffuses into RBCs, combines with water and form carbonic acid. Carbonic acid being unstable quickly dissociates into bicarbonate ions and hydrogen ions. This reaction is thousand times faster in RBCs as compared to plasma, as RBCs contain carbonic anhydrase enzyme that reversibe catalyses the conversion of `CO_(2)` and water to carbonic acid.

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Chapter NameBreathing And Exchange Of Gases
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hello student let's start with the question recreation States enzyme that increase the reaction between carbon dioxide and water in RBC that is red + 7 is it open sending carbonix in Alkaline phosphatase the correct option for the given question is carbonic anhydrase and hydrogen is present in sign that is inter conversation interconversion of carbon dioxide and water to carbonic acid

Pondy also the delete this enzyme was first identified in 1933 in red blood cells ok this was about the basic information then question when we talk about in context to the question about 70% of transport in plants in the form of Bicarbonate

light diffusers to RBC combined with the water and forms understand ncf discuss their roles acid and carbonic acid being unstable Quikr dissociates into the bicarbonate and and hydrogen this reaction is thousand times faster in RTC that doesn't compare to the class did so in that place the correct option state to be auctioned in lattice carbonic anhydrase I hope my answer is to thank you

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