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Neet Mock Test 06


The end product of fermentatio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The end product of fermentation of molasses by yeast is

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Text Solution

Acetic acid Methyl alcohol Ethyl alcohol Lactate

Answer : C

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Chapter NameNeet Mock Test 06
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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hello students equation hairs at the end product of fermentation of molasses by East is which out of the following Valley see that when we talk about fomentation that means is anaerobic breakdown of carbohydrate while molasses is the leftover of the sugarcane when the juice is taken out of the sugarcane naturally it is all carbohydrates ok so carbohydrates are to be broken down so the leftover will have the sucrose also in this has to be broken down by the east but there is no supply of oxygen that is anaerobic breaker let's eat this type of fomentation this is called as a ethyl alcohol fermentation now what happens in this Thailand call fomentation the first step that is a glycolysis will take as it is so the sucrose or any other sugar which is present will be broken down into simpler components that is glucose with the help of invertase enzyme which is secreted by the east remember along with is it me

in other Punjabi also such as rhizopus because this is common in Punjabi so glucose will be broken down first into the pyruvic acid and ascorbic acid because it does not find oxygen now it has to enter into the anaerobic step to pyruvic acid or pyruvate will now get converted into another compound with the help of enzyme pyruvate decarboxylase sweet is going to get converted into another compound and this compound here is the acetaldehyde compound not acetaldehyde will further be acted upon by another enzyme which is called as alcohol dehydrogenase and this now get converted into ethyl alcohol that is C2 h5 0h and along with this PC Tera Sath additional components also which are attached to it this is thiamine pyrophosphate which is required for this reaction along with the magnesium ions which act as activator and Diu

this process there is usually bration of the carbon dioxide whereas when the alcohol is formed there is utilisation of one another and this convert into any D this is formed at the right answer to this question is it alcohol that is option number 3 is the correct answer this question while Acetic Acid methyl alcohol is the wrong option where as in case of muscles the answer could be lactic lactate also because in lactic acid fermentation that is anaerobic breakdown of Carbohydrates takes place in case of muscles resulting in the formation of lactic acid in the muscles resulting in muscle fatigue and g to the right option for this question is option number 3 this is all about this query thank you

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