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Question : The development of a sporophyte from the moss gametophyte without sexual fusion is called :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: The development of a sporophyte from the moss gametophyte without sexual fusion is called :

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apomixis apogamy apospory amphimixis

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hello the question statement is the development of a point from the fight without actual division is called a and b and T cells and phoenix's let's take all the term one by one over here on this post is the kind of a text field with a 12 reproduction that mimics happens in the seed form chip formation take place without fertilization form without fertilization please without fertilization

this is seen in case of citrus fruit lemon and oranges and even in mango Apple like fruit can see it mostly associated with the endosperm is that the seed formation takes place without the fertilization with sexual reproduction and then over here we should not considered this because in this state formation at but then in the question given to a cell no state formation so if you look at the next captain apogamy what will happen in the formation of sporophyte explain it takes place directly from directly from me to fight without

formation and fusion of kemet without formation fusion slipform sporophyte is normally hapag-lloyd we can say that the the sporophyte that is formed by this way to chemistry from sporophyte in bryophytes in this case would be non functional and non functional how to fight the diploid and talking about the storical background that

first discovered by Pal covered by so we can see the devil the questions is development of sporophyte from gametophyte without text on the right is over here only that we might occur without without the other options also that why they are incorrect light apospory apospory is basically the formation of dermatophytes from profile at about formation of

gametophyte directly from directly from tomorrow without miotic division without production of post without miotic production of this were developed gametophyte generally applied for gametophyte it's a diploid and it was discovered by during

BF seen in the formation of gametophyte would occur and in the question asking about the development of sporophyte to do not consider this couriers when taking about taking the last option that isn't this is not the right answer because MP mix is the part of the two reproductive organs is simply a remix is a synonym to in the fertilization does the fusion and formation of GM of access any name premixes what will happen that will be the fusion of fusion of male and female gamete takes place female gamete occur in of male and female gamete and is also known as

this is not going to be the right answer in the process is called a fertilization resulting into the God and the resulting structure would be deployed unicellular Rai got now we have our answer and win over the other statements are in the right answer to this question is directly option B that is Academy answer the question thank you

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QuestionThe development of a sporophyte from the moss gametophyte without sexual fusion is called :
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