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Class 12






Mineral Nutrition


The deficiency of boron result...

The deficiency of boron results in all except

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The deficiency of boron results in all except


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top sickness browning of head in cauliflower internal cork of apple marsh spot disease

Answer : 4


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The deficiency of boron results in all except
Chapter NameMineral Nutrition
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello vacation efficiency of Boron result in all except options are thickness Browning of ad in cauliflower internal coc of apple and the last is mass Hote busy right right answer is option ok all of the third that is caused by the deficiency of Boron deficiency of Boron deficiency of Boron and here it is the fourth one that is the mass of disease is caused by the deficiency of Nandini video all of them post is top signal ok top thickness you that is caused by the deficiency of

of Boron and it is a disease of tobacco plant write what will happen that it is a Boron deficiency is easily in use in tobacco plants and Manifesto variety of unique and interesting seldom so are to Dekho plants that our Bond efficient are centred and growth of stunted growth as compared to the healthy plants healthy healthy plants and also reduced production S is brown of had in cauliflower again it is the deficiency of Boron and Browning that is a bond that is a micronutrient essential for the

haldi Tel development right and next we have is internal coc of Apple this is also due to the deficiency of Boron you write and improve coc of an apple refers to the formation of secondary know the formation it is formation of lesson in the internal part in the internal part of ok so as we know that Barun is a component of cell wall and this disorder this disorder that is internal cork of Apple

it begins in June and continues throughout the growth stages right and the last we have is mass code busy right that is a disease of peace in it is the disease present in peace the deficiency of Manganese deficiency cause the formation of the centre of many of the peace produced and that produce is world for human conduct and only used as a seat cover right answer for the question is option fourth

I hope the sinhasi of station


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