The cutting of DNA at specific locations became possible with the discovery of


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questionnaire for the cutting of the Theni at the specific location become possible with the discovery of like this restriction enzymes ropes of the selectable marker due to the correct answer is latest action inside the one which is used in the Recombinant DNA technology here and with the discovery of Recombinant DNA technology weekend drive enormous benefits from any organism has a plant or the animals this restriction enzymes they are the one which make cut at the specific site they are producing the Katha the specific types your because they have recognization site which I read by the in Science right and they make cut ABC suppose we have a sequence you have a double-stranded DNA sequence and at this position here and disposition or disposition we say we have the four different recognise a suicide of this restriction in Science and they are able to cut at this particular
so we can change this specific site it is the property of restriction enzyme with examples of our destruction enter nucleus which is hence to this is the one which is having the property of cutting at the site of the 6 base pairs sequential and if it was a sequence we have the CTC a right and the complementary your it will be g a g e t and density like that it is making cut between the G and a this is how it works like they are used for joining of the pregnancy fruits they are the sequence of the short sequence of the DNA or RNA which can be used as a lubricant additives and material which can be labelled here in order to find a specific sequence and selectable markers were used for
the differentiation of the selection of the Transformers from the nonsense

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