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Class 11






Photosynthesis In Higher Plants


The correct sequence of cell o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The correct sequence of cell organelles during photorespiration is (a) Chloroplast, Peroxisome, mitochondria (b) Chloroplast, vacuole, peroxisome (c) Chloroplast, Golgibodies, mitochondria (d) Chloroplast, Rough Endoplasmic reticulum, Dictyosomes

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Text Solution

Chloroplast, Peroxisome, mitochondriaChloroplast, vacuole, peroxisomeChloroplast, Golgibodies, mitochondriaChloroplast , Rough Endoplasmic reticulum, Dictyosomes

Answer : A

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Chapter NamePhotosynthesis In Higher Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello student selected the question the correct sequence of cell organelles during photorespiration is option 82 passport uses of Mitochondria option be part of body mitochondria and chloroplast and it wasn't about the process of photorespiration nation is a type of waste for process ok it's a type of waste for process and the Great full process basically involves the use of oxygen instead of carbon dioxide ok it occurs when the level of oxygen is very high and atmosphere and the level of carbon dioxide is low in the atmosphere which is basically combines with oxygen an opportunity which help in capitalising the area it after the oxygenated the nature of carboxylation

station of action is high what happens in this particular that the are bp that is available at 15 bisphosphate basically combines with oxygen to form the three Fossil wrist is found a molecule of phosphoglycolate and a molecule of phosphoglyceraldehyde that is PG form and basically this process of photorespiration is the best phone processor border told you it requires a lot of ATP and ADP ESS which is both wasted in this process and this process occurs in three organism the first is the chloroplast in which first process of oxidation occur the second is Parvati zone in which is why it is mitochondria in which

it is the correct

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