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Class 12






Test 5


the condition(s) under which...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: the condition(s) under which cyclic photophosphorylation occurs is/are a. light of wavelength beyond 680 nm b. anaerobic conditions c. poor CO_2 availability


Text Solution

all a, b & conly a & bonly aonly b & c


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Question Details till 04/10/2022

Chapter NameTest 5
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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Question Video Duration2m54s


the question is the conditions under which cyclic photophosphorylation occurs is are the first condition given is light of wavelength beyond the second is under conditions and third is poor CO2 availability so first start with seeing what is cyclic photophosphorylation cyclic photophosphorylation is a known trigenic photosynthesis it is the and non oxygen photosynthesis it is clear from this that the first condition required for this to occur in aerobic conditions and in this electrons are passed from p700 of PS1 why electron

change back to p702 the formation of 80 so what happens is in this first PS1 every night blue stick City NM Delos 680 NM buy PS2 is activated by light blue 709 and PS2 absorbs light kilo 700 NM and inorganic compounds for energy or electron source and in this process oxygen is not released now if we see the options that a given according to the condition

the first condition that light of wavelength on 689 M is required is correct as it is your PS1 absorb 689 M PS2 absorbs 708 this first condition is correct the second condition says anaerobic conditions this is also correct as it is a known type of photosynthesis that means it requires an aerobic condition to the third condition which is poor CO2 availability is known as there is no relation between CO2 presence or absence and cyclic photophosphorylation hence we have the correct the condition under which cyclic photophosphorylation acres are only a n


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