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The concept of chemical evolut...

The concept of chemical evolution is based on :

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Possible origin of life by combination of chemicals under suitable environmental conditions Crystallization of chemicals Interaction of water, air and clay under intense heat Effect of solar radiation on chemicals

Answer : A


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QuestionThe concept of chemical evolution is based on :
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National housing the concept of chemical evolution is based on and we have to select the correct answer from the given options chemical evolution is basically a concept regarding the origin of life because we all know it biodiversity the different microbes that we see today or not have not always been this way and biodiversity has been created over millions of years of Revolutionary changes so before all this Revolution occurred before all this biodiversity was formed an event of origin of life where the First living organism of the first living cell was formed and different sites put forward their own theories regarding the origin of life

what the widely accepted theory is that of chemical evolution which they have mentioned in the question and was given to 1 by 2 scientist oparin and haldane so basically they said that before any living organism can be formed Before any living cell can be formed we need a variety of different organic molecule so many diverse biomolecules are required obviously if there are so many different things we need genetic material lipids proteins and enzymes all of these things according to the theory of chemical evolution Before any living organism was formed before life could originate the variety of diverse organic biomolecules must be informed from inorganic constituents that were present on the early Earth or the primitive earth and the generation of

these organic molecules was possible because on the earliest the conditions were very different from how they are now the climatic conditions were not stable like today they were very unstable all the time we could see phenomena such as volcanic Storms lightning thunder all of this the temperature also remained very high it was not the comfortable warm temperature that we have today and apart from this the composition of the atmosphere is also very different because we had a reducing atmosphere oxygen in the molecular formula is not available or too was not available mainly we had gases such as Ammonia Methane water vapour hydrogen so under these extremely unstable climatic conditions of the early hours of the primitive

the inorganic constituents that were present they turned into the diverse biomolecules different types of organic molecules such as amino acid liquid nucleic acid pigment all of these things were formed and ultimately they would have aggregated together to form a precursor of the living cell and from this living cell over a long period of time over a long series of evolutionary change for Complex biodiversity was formed so basically a parent and I didn't say that the origin of life must have been preceded by the formation of organic molecules from the inorganic constituents or we can stay origin of life is preceded by chemical evolution chemical evolution must come first so here the correct answer will be option A that's a possible origin of life by combination of chemicals that is the inorganic constituents and

suitable environmental conditions for the unstable climatic conditions volcanic Storms high temperature reducing atmosphere and the special conditions such biomolecules would have been formed from the inorganic constituents and ultimately they would have song a living cell when they came together apart from this all of the other option crystallisation of chemical interaction of water airplay effect of solar radiation this is not a correct explanation regarding chemical evolution swaption is a correct answer