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Class 11






Breathing And Exchange Of Gases


The combination of haemoglobi...

The combination of haemoglobin with oxygen in blood can be promoted by :

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The combination of haemoglobin with oxygen in blood can be promoted by :


Text Solution

increasing oxygen concentration in the bloodincreasing carbon dioxide concentration in the blood decreasing oxygen concentration in the bloodincreasing carbon monoxide concentration in the blood

Answer : A
Solution : increasing oxygen concentration in the blood


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The combination of haemoglobin with oxygen in blood can be promoted by :
Chapter NameBreathing And Exchange Of Gases
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question what are the given options and choose the condition in which the combination of haemoglobin with oxygen in our blood will be promoted so we all know that hemoglobin is a very important part of our blood vascular system because it acts as a respiratory pigment so basically hemoglobin is an iron containing protein that is why it is a red in colour and it is found in a RBC in erythrocytes so it job is to carry oxygen that is why we are calling it the respiratory pigment because basically in respiration or in gaseous exchange what we do we are obtaining oxygen because for metabolism oxygen is

constantly require a body tissues sofiya obtaining this oxygen from the atmospheric air and the carbon dioxide which keeps accumulating in our body as a result of metabolic activity this we are eliminating so that is why hemoglobin the respiratory pigment is supposed to carry Oxygen and deliver it to the body tissues where it is required to the hemoglobin molecule has been affinity for oxygen we can say that it has the ability to reversible e bind with oxygen because it is going to bind permanently then I will not be able to deliver the oxygen as at the body tissues it will keep carrying the oxygen forever so it reversibly binds with the oxygen it takes the oxygen from the lungs and bring it to the size of a body when it is needed now for

this obviously the oxygen haemoglobin have to bind and when oxygen by the hemoglobin we get a complex known as oxyhaemoglobin and there are many conditions which can affect the formation of oxyhaemoglobin of the association of hemoglobin with oxygen to what are these conditions first of all of this the partial pressure of oxygen of the concentration of oxygen which is denoted by po2 it should remain high because there is more oxygen then it will be able to bind more apart from the second modern thing is that the pco2 should remain low if carbon dioxide is more than binding of hemoglobin oxygen is reduced formation of oxyhaemoglobin temperature is also a factor when temperature is low oxygen is more likely to bind with the hemoglobin and similarly the concentration of h

+ ions should also remain low that is the pH to remain hai so what are the factors which are affecting the association of oxygen with haemoglobin the pure to should remain high the pH should remain high and apart from this CO2 concentration and temperature should remain low if we want that oxygen should bind with haemoglobin over here are correct answers option a blessing increasing oxygen concentration in the blood and the first thing that we mention the first factor that we mentioned for formation of oxyhaemoglobin is the po2 that is partial pressure concentration of auto if it is more than more oxyhaemoglobin is formed rest of the options we see there is increasing CO2 concentration so no it is not going to promote combination of haemoglobin and Ox cause for that we need low pco2 not high concentration then again there are saying decreasing oxygen concentration again and correct and finally they talk about carbon monoxide

so that is absolutely incorrect because if there is more carbon monoxide in our blood then it disrupts the formation of oxyhaemoglobin it disrupts the oxygen transport in our body so are correct answer is going to be option the factor which promotes Association or combination of Oxygen and hemoglobin from among the given options is Hai pure to aur high oxygen concentration in the blood


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