The chemiosmotic theory of ATP synthesis in the chloroplast and mitochondria is based on


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Step by step video solution for The chemiosmotic theory of ATP synthesis in the chloroplast and mitochondria is based on by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


cosmotech theory of ATP synthesis of the chloroplast and mitochondria is based on membrane potential Proton gradient accumulate of accumulation of ke per so here we are talking about this cavanaugh slotted theory you are talking about this cami Cosmo tech in which basically here we can understand this theory by breaking the Tomb like here the cavity and cosmetic the meaning of chemical or weak and inorganic ions and cosmetic means Osmosis from the higher concentration to the lower concentration permeable membrane is called chemistry theory in a simple what we can say so here what we do in this cameos motor theory it is the ions
can clearly see that are present here these are basically moved into this periplasmic side this is bar metric side this is the metric sides of the we can say mitochondria so the ions will move from the mitochondrial matrix to this intermembrane space between the mitochondrial membrane and hear these ions will basically move it to this ATP synthase this is ATP synthase ions moves into this is more than to the certification is date from the ATP so that is this this is oxidative phosphorylation deti phosphorylation we utilise the reason for the first permission ATP
because the ATP converts into ATP in the state be something so here this conversion is basically done by the ATP synthase and this is possible only when the inorganic ions of Acetic Acid h + ions move from mitochondrial Matrix to the inner membrane as space and that from inner membrane is space they moved through the ATP synthase and proton pump will move when these ions more through them at from the ATP so we can stay at the heart of the correct option auctioneer is option B.Ed Proton gradient because h + is proton and gradient of Ion batteries where the large amount of Ions are present they are simply move to the area where the lower amount of funds are present has tweeted call is a Proton

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