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Class 12






Photosynthesis In Higher Plants


The carbon dioxide acceptor in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The carbon dioxide acceptor in Calvin cycle/ C_(3)- plants is

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Phosphoenol Pyruvate (PEP)Ribulose 1,5-Diphosphate (RuDP)Phosphoglyceric acid (PGA)Ribulose monophosphate (RMP)

Answer : B
Solution : In `C_(3)`-plants , `CO_(2)` combines with ribuolose (acceptor molecule) in the presence of RuBisCO (RuBP carboxylase) and form two molecules of 3-phosphoglyceric acid or PGA (first stable product).

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Chapter NamePhotosynthesis In Higher Plants
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is the carbon dioxide accepting Calvin cycle or C3 Sahi plants is the options are a phosphoenolpyruvate BP BP Rivals 15 diphosphate that is H U T P C phosphoglyceric acid SPG a&d cyber laws monophosphate which is RMP so if you see the C3 cycle in the C3 cycle 1 important enzyme which becomes instrumental is rupees course so what happens the Rubik's ko socio to get added up to the first carbon dioxide acceptor in C3 which is nothing but rivals meaning so are you BP thanks rivalus 15 diphosphate and in the presence of rubisco to form the first stable product which is PGA tour

silicic acid and drivers moreover it is not used here to view the first carbon dioxide acceptor in C3 cycle is nothing but are you baby images table of 15 10 with the correct option to this question is option number be as you can see if BP is not used here ok and PGA is the first stable product of the carbon dioxide acceptor a is also used not used fine

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