Question : The bulb of Garlic is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: The bulb of Garlic is

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Non-tunicated Tunicated layered Compound tunicated Simple tunicated

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hello everyone question the bulb of specialised underground camps underground can get present in some plants which is the distance years we prove its lower side and that of people that are based on its site this upper side ear represents the Origins of the compactly arrange arrange we can say that

Li so this present to delete this structure is Mehndi update two kinds with positive it can be located in which means that the fleshy leaves here are concentric man where the entire bulb the entire bulb that the entire is covered by the dry it is covered by covered by dry cleaners green leaf

bases are called as a kind is the tunicated non-unique catered to hear in non tunicated there is no units at present ok no you need the difference between the tunicated and non tunicata and when we leave letter to the present various membranes of various units at present so that kind of the compound compound can you get it includes the multiple multi multiple membrane asleep when did the single membrane is present

it is termed as simple tunicated simple tunicated includes the single tunic so on database includes the multiple Rai membranous Lee pace between kit includes multiple unit so that the Garlic have the compound to the world of the planet is the compound compound talking about the rest of the options it contains tunicated layer with having the Marina ok that covers the bulb for and simple includes only one of thank you

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QuestionThe bulb of Garlic is
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