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Organisms & Populations


The basic unit of study in eco...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The basic unit of study in ecology is:

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Population Community Organisms Biome

Answer : C

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Chapter NameOrganisms & Populations
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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we want to hear the question is the basic unit of study of in study in Ecology is which of these options and options are population community organisms are the first of all what is Ecology khologi this term is derived from to Greek words the Greek word we course means house and house means hear the immediate environment of man and logi this means the study of the study of the science of ecology here Ecology is the study of the relations of organisms with one another and with their surroundings to Equality this is the study of the relations relations of organisms

of organisms with one another with one another and with their surroundings with their surroundings in Ecology if you think about the ecological hierarchy than life is characterized by the hierarchical level of organisation and each with some properties and the hierarchy it starts with the atoms here the tiny atoms and from atom the atoms that together make the molecules that together make the molecules the molecules together they make a cell from cell there together make the tissue from tissue the

label is organ and several organs together make the body system the body system several body system that together make an organism make and whole organism several organisms together they make a Population Day together make a population and several populations together make a community community several community together they make the ecosystem together make the ecosystem and the several ecosystem together make ultimately the biosphere this is the whole hierarchy of the ecosystem Ecology disease basically

study of the ecosystem here and if you think about the basic basic unit of ecosystem then we can say that it starts with the atoms to from the given options the first one see here says population and even number the given options then the first one here will be organism because from the given option the basic unit here will be the organism from organism it will be population number to from population it forms the community and then ultimately to regarding this option answer of sincere the basic unit of study in Ecology will be the organisms is our answer here

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