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Class 12






Photosynthesis In Higher Plants


The assimilatory power produce...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: The assimilatory power produced during light released in the


Text Solution

ATP , NADPH ` + H^(+)``NAD^(+)`NADP ATP & NADH

Answer : A


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Chapter NamePhotosynthesis In Higher Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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request header study assimilatory power produced during the light originally released in the ATP and ADP X + hydrogen ions any deposit is any deposited ATP and the energy light reaction here we're talking about the photosynthesis for photosynthesis is the process by which it plants they make their food here and there is photosynthesis having two different type of reaction here we have the light reaction and then we have be the light reaction involving the system and photosystem 2 here right and this light reaction here it is taking in the gana of the chloroplast so in the photosystem 1 and 2 there is the reaction followed a and in the photosystem 1 the two first first country to and then come the one that is the formation of the ATP here when the restaurant is moved by the others

places of the water here text on it is passed on to the forces them to than it is transferred to the photosystem 1 and there is a collaboration of the nadph2 plus there is the formation of hydrogen right to increase the dark reaction with energy molecules formed here it will be utilised as there is the one which is occurring in the dark reaction in the stromal ml of your right to do not produce any kind of energy so the assimilatory power produced during the light it is released in the form of the ATP and ADP ESS and its positive


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