Question : Tetradynamous stamens

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Tetradynamous stamens

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Text Solution

Do not show difference in their lengthsHave two outer short and four inner long stamensAre exemplified by OcimumHave four outer short and two inner long stamen


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low tuition fees tetradynamous stamens and options are do not show difference in their length have to how to shoot original long famous are exemplified by Ocimum and have four out assured and to in a long time so that based on the length of the filament elements Siemens can be defined as the dynamic and infected animals Siemens there are 6 payments right and in IT outer 2

are short and 4 are law and for example here we can take ko brassica right they are known as tetradynamous now let's see the option to the first that is do not show difference in the length of this is wrong you because there is a difference in the length sum assured summer long have to Outer short to Outer short and four in a long time in this is our characters are exemplified by awesome so that is wrong because in Ocimum payments are that is didynamous die

dynamic that means in case of Dead animals has four stamen 42 short and too long but not the tetradynamous stamens ok 54 out or should it is not put this is also wrong with the right answer is option I hope this will answer your question thank you

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QuestionTetradynamous stamens
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