Question : Tetradynamous stamens

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Tetradynamous stamens

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do not show difference in their lengthshave two outer short and four inner long stamensare exemplified by ocimum have for outer short and two inner long stamens


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insertion at a given option and select the correct one regarding the tetradynamous stamens clearly have you are talking about the morphology of the flower and Timon is a part of the and ocean we know that the flower is a unit of sexual reproduction in angiosperms and in a typical flower we are going to find four different world androecium is the world in which we find the male sex organs adjustable the arrangement of the stamens are the morphology of the androecium will be different different families of flowering plants because angiosperms are very very diversify softener plant Kingdom so what we are going to say tetradynamous stamens basically means androecium

of 4 + 2 arrangement of Siemens all of the famous don't have the same length they vary in their land and this tetradynamous condition is characteristic of flower in the family plastic essay if you look at the floor of the mustard family any special we are likely to find the stepper dynamic condition which means that we have four Inna and to Outer short tennis because instrument basically what do we have we have terminal by law part called answer where the microsporogenesis takes place at the pollen grains of and apart from this we have the stock of the statement known as the filament Reliance basically depends upon the filament and in the mustard family were going to find Sachin and ocean where we have

an inner wall of four long stem and an outer wall of two shots table 4 + 2 arrangement because length of 4 cm is different and rushed towards different total there are 6 so I correct underwear is option B was clearly stating to out a short and for in a long tennis

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