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Class 12






Principles Of Inheritance And Variation


Testcross is a cross between a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Testcross is a cross between a) Hybrid x Dominant parent b) Hybrid x Recessive parent c) Hybrid x Hybrid parent d) Two distantly related species

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Text Solution

Hybrid x Dominant parentHybrid x Recessive parentHybrid x Hybrid parentTwo distantly related species

Answer : B

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Chapter NamePrinciples Of Inheritance And Variation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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students let's discuss this question test cross is a cross between a hybrid and dominant parent hybrid and recessive parent hybrid and hybrid parent and to distantly related fishes first of all that is learnt what is test cross a test cross is a cross in which Aspen hybrid is crossed with the recessive parent we do so to determine the genotype of F1 hybrid to determine its genotype by doing so we can know that if a F1 hybrid is homozygous for heterozygous understand this question letters through a cross capital capital A is parent 1 crossed with parents to with

smallest wali se capital capital quotes for phenotypic characters and Holi small quotes for phenotypic character when we cross these two parents F1 progeny will be all call so it can be either capital capital or it can be capital small so to know the genotype of this F1 progeny if it is capital or small or capital so to know the genotype of F1 progeny if it is capital capital or capital is small we have to perform test cross in test cross we have to cross these two possible genotypes with its process if parents to Rudra these two possibilities we have to cross them with a recessive parents that is small hair arises two possibilities capital capital cost with price

that is smaller lead to formation of progeny capital small a and all the Prisoners will be tall second possibility will be closing Capital mall with parents for this will lead to the formation of capital is smaller and smaller Sholay that means both the phenotypes will be produced tall and so according to our experimental data we know that in the test cross we get both of these prajaniste to this day we know that capitalism Holi will be the genotype of a f and held it so according to a question test cross is a cross between hybrid and processes tailored to the correct answer will be be thank you students

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