Tell the functions of ear ossicles.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Transmit and amplify vibrations from tympanic membrane to oval window.


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the question has tell the functions of real ossicles so when we talk about human ear the middle ear basically it has three year ossicles middle ear has three ossicles which are the smallest bone in the human body and the name of these ossicle is million uncle and aunt 3 all of these three together they form a chain in the Middle ear a write their connected in the form of a train now talking function the function of these are ossicles is basically to transfer the sound vibration transfer sound vibration
Pradeep sound vibration from middle ear to the inner ear from middle ear to injury to the inner ear that the inner ear it is a fluid filled chamber this inner ear Airtel fluid filled and once the sound vibrations reach the inner ear hair they are converted into nerve signals the sound vibration after reaching their convert into no signal and then vs now signal they are transferred to the Brain for further interpretation so basically this is the function of the
Year ossicles transfer of sound vibration

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