Question : Taking examples under each category, discuss upstream and downstream processing,

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Taking examples under each category, discuss upstream and downstream processing,

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Upstream processing is the start of microbial activity for an industrial process. It includes a proper nutrient solution, a pure strain of desired microbe and optimum conditions of the nutrient solution like proper aeration, temperature and optimum pH. Downstream processing is the process of obtaining the products of a microbial activity. When a sample drawn out from the culture medium indicates presence of optimum product in the cells or completion of biosynthetic phase, the biomass is removed and product is isolated.


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hello everyone let's take the question tag questions she started taking examples and each category discuss upstream and downstream processing so stop all we have to know that the Biotech process is divided into the to process the first one is called upstream processing and the second one is called downstream processing ok downstream processing involve the entire process which start from the DNA extraction involve Ab To expansion of the cell culture expansion of cell culture

and it continues until the final product formed and tell final product form about the upstream processing now come to the downstream on should downstream processing after hitting ball separation purification show the product after the formation it undergo the clinical trials ok so first step is that the product kept under preservative top tender

preservatives then it undergo the clinical trials if it is the drug store in the case of the docket and the whole the clinical trials quality check is there and then it is ready for the marketing for suggestions about upstream and downstream processing thank you

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QuestionTaking examples under each category, discuss upstream and downstream processing,
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