Syngenesious condition is found in


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hello everyone let's start with the questions equation given is syngenesious condition is found in and the options are given that as lady 80 solanaceae and Pharmacy first of all we will meet to understand what is syngenesious condition so in syngenesious condition that are used in state forest while the filaments remain free the filament will not be infused state and they will remain free so in the case of RBC the anther and filament are not at all in fused state so here the answer as well as filaments both remain free in state so this shouldn't be a right option
this is the wrong statement wrong option to let's move on to the solanaceae in solanaceae anther and filament answer and filament are fused are fused with titles are right here in this case anther and filament both are fused but we need and only answer should be fused and filament should be free so this is not right answer alright let's move on to the next option that is given liberty and in lady 80 stamen is attached with the Corolla That mean stamen is attached to the Gorilla while the answers are not used
anthers are not fuse that means Antha are free instead so we need answers should be used in state and filament should be free so this is not a right option and right answer is assessee in the condition where answer is cute and filaments are free in this family and to asset ratio should be the right answer thank you

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