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Class 12






Families Of Flowering Plants


Sulphur smelling plants belong...

Sulphur smelling plants belong to family

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D


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Sulphur smelling plants belong to family
Chapter NameFamilies Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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student the questionnaires are the sulphur smelting plant belongs to the family so the first option here is the asteraceae family asteraceae family is also called as the compositae family and it is the largest of the families in the flowering plant group now here in this case the compositae family the prototype here is a sunflower and there are other plants such a senior Cosmo and easy to these are the plants which belong to this particular family and here we see that it do not have the sulphur smelling plants this is the wrong option here not talking about the next option that is not include all the serials and the grasses such as the Maize and other grains so crop plants will be included under this so serious are there in this is this group is this also is not sulphur smell like this is also wrong option the third one is the brassicaceae family the prototype of the brassicaceae is mustard so it is also called as

Fastrack family this does not also have to sulfas Malik plants while talking about the fourth family that is the liliaceae family in case of liliaceae family we have the Tulip the lilies and asparagus like plants and trees plants out of this species that there is another one that is called as the alien Thi per alien sleeper is onion juice examples was to make you understand in a better way because you must have cut onions in your kitchen so what happens onion when you cut you get a pungent smell because of the pungent when you feel irritation in the eyes to eyes will get irritated and eyes will start watering watery eyes because of these compounds that is the sulphur containing compounds in it so this sulphur containing compounds are you return to the eyes and that is why in the ileum Shiva The sulphur containing compounds are there so we can mark option number 4 is a right answer because these plants that means the plants belonging to

this group will have the sulphur containing compounds in them that they have the sulphur smell sorption 4 is a right answer for this question this is all about this query thank you

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