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Class 9






Structure And Function Of Skin


Study the diagram and answer t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Study the diagram and answer the questions that follow : <img src="" width="80%"> Explain the function of parts .1. and .2..

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Text Solution

Solution : Sudoriferous gland : It produces sweat to control body temperature. <br> Sebaceous gland: It gives out an oily secretion called sebum.

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Chapter NameStructure And Function Of Skin
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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elephants in the Stephen question they are asking study the diagram and answer the questions that follow this is given diagram explain the functions of part 1 to 16 understand this image is given this is our skin so understand we have to tell what is one structure and what is structure S so first structure is sweat gland functions of wetland is to produce how to remove waste material

outside in so much function of wetland is to remove waste material or sweat from skin second function is to regulate body temperature function is to maintain body temperature via releasing waste material or releasing water slides in the form of sweat sweat contain sodium nitrogenous waste

s22 function for Sweat glands structure is adipose tissue which is present in hypothalamus which is the innermost layer of skin iPod and adipose tissue is of two type White fat and brown fat what is brown fat give the thermogenic production and we feel course for this adipose tissue or brown fat gives us

heat book protector from school environment function of adipose tissue is is adipose tissue is responsible for maintaining homeostasis wire energy metabolism this adipose tissues involved in metabolic Pathways so given first structure is sweat gland Indian s structure adipose tissue and functions are given hair to remove waste material and

to regulate body temperature adipose tissue function is to reduce heat and cook to protect ourselves from cold and vomit and technique to maintain homeostasis in our body this player

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