Question : Structure involved in genetic engineering is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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(a) Plastid(b) Restriction endonuclease(c) DNA polymerase I(d) Prochromosome

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the questions structure in genetic engineering in production of using Technology called Technology it is the technology to alter the genetic makeup of any organism which minutes to alter the desired gene the application hair is in therapy which is to rectify the genetic disorder and the application is plants in which it was required to enhance the prince of cutting plants or to provide disease resistance in the plant applications the way at engineering

animal which component of the component design template on which we need to alter the gym and also the endonuclease which actors molecules why because we cut the team at the internet and also with joint destruction of the year I make you understand from the 10 year started

from this position in order to rectify the disease or two in handsome treat this restriction endonuclease side and get it which is better Justin and now if you want to add some DNA sequence to rectify or whatever desire desire DNA template which act as a molecular you get this call component because the chiefs have been combined you can see that this is the component because it has

too kind of the first this is the original templates and join it with other DNA sequence and nuclei and is the membrane bound organelles and storage of food then we restriction endonuclease answer in point in time it is the repair of prokaryotic chromosome present

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QuestionStructure involved in genetic engineering is
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