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Stony endocarp is a feature of...

Stony endocarp is a feature of

Video Solution: Stony endocarp is a feature of

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


Step by step video solution for Stony endocarp is a feature of by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionStony endocarp is a feature of
Chapter NameMock Test 10
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello shooting the question here says that the stony endocarp is a feature of which type of fruit here so while we see the right answer this question is true because groups are also called as stone fruit for the same reason that their endocarp stony in nature so here the fruit wall which is also called as the pericarp is is differentiated into three layers the outer layer that is the epica the middle one is the reason Cup where as the inner one is the endocarp while endocarp here is going to be the stony part of it it includes one or more teeth in groups which are derived for superior ovary the Epic up from the outer part of the skin so this is the outer part of the skin Itni bhi itne bhi edible or it may not be available the major carp is pulpy and edible music app in this case will be Party as well

edible in most of the groups in almond number of the perika players is edible the velvety Epic up and the top music up are removed before the marketing so the market in the produce contains a stone endocarp that includes one or really to see is having edible cotyledons so here we see that the stony endocarp is a feature of two groups so we can mark option number 2 as a right answer this question while we see the other option the first option which is given here is paper in this case we see that it is a special type of false very the paper is a type of false very in which the exocarp does not separate from the music up seats do not separate from the Placenta the example of this is Pumpkin cucumber and watermelon so the end up as well as presented in this are edible they are not stonie

talking about the next type that is the form in case of firm also is the false or accessories simple succulent fruit that develops from Imperial compound ovary the paragraph is not differentiate into a peacock Main To curb or outer fleshy part of the fruit is thalamus pericarp is represented by central cartilage this area where as endocarp in this is not stony write it is not stoney so here we can mark this option as the wrong option while in case of very also we see that the endocarp here will be fleshy it is edible so here we can mark this three options are the wrong options while the only correct option where the stone endocarp exist is in case of group so this is all about this very thank you