Stem with open vascular bundles arranged in ring contains


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hello there the question is done with open vascular bundle arranged in ring contains the following options your let's talk about the Dicot stem studied The outermost covering is called as happy dermis which is further covered by a cuticle layer then after epidermis there is very cycle and after that cortex M3 more zone which we are going to talk about the first one is hypodermis
this is the outermost and your the colon cancer cells are present main function of this is to give a mechanical support then comes particular your cells are present then comes endodermis these endodermis live has till which is rich in starch granules
due to the stars granules which sells this and into the message also called as touch sheet let's move to the options here here look at the options water containing cavity is within the vascular bundle this option is not correct because there are no water containing cavities in the vascular bundles special in digestion and this next one is large and well developed with exhaust and poly exams islanders this is also wrong because there is independent shion in Dicot stem vascular bundle surrounded by a layer of liquid Bandish itself so this is also not correct because it is the condition with existing leaves and Om is rich in starch grain
and let is also referred as starch sheet here we have discussed right now that the itself with stars granules is also called as chargesheet endodermis player is called as starchy this is the correct answer

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