State the main function of the following:
Ear ossicles


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Amplifies the vibrations of ear drum.


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hello take the main function of the following and we have to state the function of the Year ossicle the cal what are your ossicle kaviyatri ossicle in the middle part of the Year rates are namely the failures increase and the City 3 year ossicles present in the Middle ear now why are they useful when I look at you then we have middle ear and when we have the inner ear which is also known as we all know external ear is a medium medium
fluid medium there is a fluid medium and in between inner and Outer ear we have the middle in which we have three Bole the millions in cough and click ok to as the diagram now that the main function of the any sound which is coming and get into the cochlea or the inner ear ossicle Tum to translate Town from the air fluid level of the cochlea what is the function of Kaun wrong the air
fluid labelling ok in which is this blood cells 11 it is the inner ear also known as the coffee ya ok the main function of the transmit sound from the a-league transfer account from the out right

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