Question : State the best known contribution of Robert Koch.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: State the best known contribution of Robert Koch.

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Solution :
Koch.s postulates about the Germ Theory of infectious diseases.


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the best known contribution of Robert coach coach of the German scientist who was also the father of bacteriology because he discovered the new branch of Sciences which is known as better logi it involves the study of bacteria Sokhi inventory studied on bacteria and its role in causing disease in the era of 1862 90 this period was also known as golden age of bacteriology in which he made several discoveries on bacteria postulate of germ theory which was the theory which tense the role of bacteria in causing disease 20 postulates stated that

the bacteria is responsible for causing a specific disease also he developed various methods for testing this infections in order to kill the bacteria also discovered methods of isolating bacteria in a culture hair pure Paschimi that a culture which contain only one kind of bacteria which was the big Discovery at that time he different regions such as and tracks which cause the entrances 1876 then he discovered tuberculosis bacteria which was a milestone in the year 18182 Cholera bacteria in 1883 due to the discovery of these pathogens by robot coach and it was

easier to develop the concept of Bhakti which was a boon for world for the best on contributions of Robert coach in the field of bacteria logi

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QuestionState the best known contribution of Robert Koch.
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