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Stamens with free anthers but filaments fushed into a number of groups


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The correct Answer is A


hello students in this question we have to find out that stamens with free in but filament should be fused and that should also be in a number of groups what is the condition called as so first thing you should know is that what is a Saman Saman is a structure which is in a group of fish will form the androecium and is founder of these are usually by road and this is a filament just ok so here we need to find out that what it says the entha should be free but filament should be future that is this part was the future but it will also be used in a number of groups so you need to find a condition so 1st sem EC sententious ok this option the food option in this case what is there the enters in this case are fused
they are United but the question says that enters master free so this is certainly the wrong choice now the second option is this one third option saree somudro else's mono the word comes from one so it means that there are many payments that present but all of these are fused in one group they are fuse to form one group this is also the wrong choice because we need to find out when they accused in a number of groups the third thing is about the dialysis now we talk about dialysis diverted means to do in this case the fusion of the filament occurs to form two groups right there are two groups and where as in
case of polyadelphous the word poly means that it occurs in a number of group supauli means many animals are always more in number in a flower sau bees stamens the filaments of these are fused to each other to form many wonders are group this condition in a flower is called as a body releases this makes choice number one as a right option for this question so in this case the filaments only refuse at the anthers are free and these are used to form a number of bundles are groups in a flower so this is all for this query thank you


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