Question : Sporozoites of malarial parasite enter

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Sporozoites of malarial parasite enter

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Erythrocytes of humansLiver cells of humansStomach of Mosquito Salivery gland of Mosquito.

Answer :


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question is that is four types of malaria parasite enters and the option is it true sight of human levers for sale of human stomach of mosquito of salivary gland of mosquito physically for the malaria parasite to host malarial parasite and being human and mosquito the primary and secondary post parasite no after impact in the blood cells of the human being taken within half an hour this malarial parasites order cancel their lives to penetrate the Retreat the

current as of liver parenchyma cell of labour by the lighting action by lighting action of their secretary pregnant and they enter into the river of the human being started infection soap the correct answer to this question will be the liver cell of the human beings thank you

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QuestionSporozoites of malarial parasite enter
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