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Sporophyte of mosses is ______...

Question : Sporophyte of mosses is _________ than liverworts.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Sporophyte of mosses is _________ than liverworts.

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Least differentiated Equally differentiated More differentiated Undifferentiated

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hello everyone loves all the questions sporophyte of Monsters is dash than never got a right now is a subgroup in Kingdom plantae right and bryophyta is divided into simple and complex Fighter the simple bryophyta are known as the liver what and the complex bryophyta are called as we both of the main plant body is haploid or diploid and that's why it's called as gametophyte sex organs that is the male sex organ

DM are the female sex organ is called as our own right now the male sex organ that is and produces a biflagellate Rosewood antherozoid which is the male gammat or right and it is by flagellated by flagellated means it has to Ilaaj locomotive related and the female sex organ is flask shaped That Is Duniya Mein Splash shaped and produces a girl right fertilization in bryophyta takes place in aquatic conditions so the antherozoid which have

Prem to the egg to fertilize at and form a high court order got it does not undergo introduction division instead it develops into a multicellular cell Arrow fight right now the sporophyte some of the cells of the sporophyte undergo meiosis to call right and dispose later germinate into different gametophyte right now the thing here is that this fight consists of three parts that is the food the city or the seater and

now what happens is that both liverworts and mosses is differentiate into Peter and capsule a right but fight in mosses is more differentiated why because the score dispersal what is is highly elaborate on right answer more differentiated because the spore dispersal mechanism is highly elaborate in mosses and that's why it is more difference

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QuestionSporophyte of mosses is _________ than liverworts.
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