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Spiral shaped chloroplast is f...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Spiral shaped chloroplast is found in which of the following algae?

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Text Solution

SpirogyraChlamydomonas Oedogonium Ulothrix

Answer : A

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Chapter NamePlant Kingdom
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Allu Arjun 1st ka question the questions raised at the spiral shaped chloroplast is found in which of the following this question is about the shape of the chloroplast in the first option we have given the spirogyra so spirogyra is a species of the green algae and get cancer Ribbon shaped chloroplast but these plants are arranged in the helical manner and due to this type of arrangement that appeared as a spiral shape to the spiral name is according to the arrangement of the chloroplast in democracy these have the spiral shaped chloroplast is democracy now look at the second option is the second option we have given the dominant show the climate control the chloroplast British cup-shaped ok so they have the Cup shaped chloroplast

now look at the third one in the third one we have given the to bonium to it consists the it consists gratitude type of a ruler plastic a particular type of the chloroplast is present in them reticulate and parallel and we have the last option that is a ulothrix the ulothrix consists of a single Garden shape or danship chloroplast ok so they have the bridal cheap banquet chloroplast ok band shape in which is present near the

the correct option theory that is a Spirogyra

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