Question : Spindle fibres arise from

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Centriole CentromereNucleusMitochondria

Answer :
Solution :
There is no direct continuity between centriole and spindle fibres. In plants spindle fibres develop without centriole.


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hello everyone here we are having a question that pays spindle fibre arise from where having the option of 11 phase control option to say centromere after three phase nucleus and the last one is mitochondria so your in this question we are supposed to talk about the spindle fibre speed talked about the spindle fibre foresee we have to understand about the spindle Apparatus so the spindle Apparatus of cell is comprised of your spindle fibre motor protein chromosome and in some cell microtubule array are called after are the part of your spending Apparent in the question we are supposed to talk about spindle fibre talking about the spindle fibre these are actually produced

centrosome and from these days are produced in the centrosome from a cylindrical microtubule having microtubule over there and the microtubule is cylindrical in shape that is why we say that cylindrical microtubule and this microtubule is called as your centriole so now we got to know that your spindle fibre is produced from the sent you going back to the option we are having option one that is in fuel as a correct option will ask if you talk about central universities are wrong option because this is actually of attachment of chromosome nucleus we know that nucleus is a prominent

which countries Lo chromosome and act as a cause of this this is wrong option again and then mitochondria mitochondria is associated with the powerhouse of cell again this is a wrong of about the spindle fibres to it is arising from a centriole which is a cylindrical micro to get this done for the question I hope you have understood it well thank you so much

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