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Class 11






Cell : The Unit Of Life


Some mature eukaryotic cells l...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Some mature eukaryotic cells lack nucleus but yet these cells consider as a living


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Chapter NameCell : The Unit Of Life
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students we have a statement here and we need to tell if this is true or false so the statement says that some witcher Eukaryotic cells lack nucleus but yet these cells are considered as a living self this is true that they have all the seller or galleries and one of the common example of mature Eukaryotic cell with no nucleus is the human RBC is or red blood cell now when they become mature they the nucleus in when it gets degenerated nucleus diesel rate in the process of maturation right but when during the immature state they have nucleus that means nucleus is present at the immature state but as they proceed towards maturation the nucleus degenerate and the reason behind this degeneration is that to increase the surface in the cells of a Syrian the cell so that more oxygen can bind to the RBC

increase the area as you know that the function of RBC is that they are responsible for the transport of gases in the human body right to in order to increase the area for combining oxygen in order to increase the area of the nucleus it gets degenerated but at the in which state the nucleus is present and we know that RBC is there are very well considered living cells show the statement is true that some Eukaryotic cells although they lack nucleus but still they are living and also we know that RBC is also have a particular life span their life span is around hundred to 120 days after which they get the generated and new cells are produced to definitely with these two reasons we can say that the statement is true


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