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Reptilia-creeping Vertebrates


Snake lack ...

Snake lack

Video Solution: Snake lack

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Scales Tympanum Ribs Locomation

Answer : B
Solution : N//A


Step by step video solution for Snake lack by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionSnake lack
Chapter NameReptilia-creeping Vertebrates
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello Surendra question question is snakes lakh options are skilled timpano read locomotion so we will see the options 1.1 firstly and on nose with these are the reptiles in a Phylum chordata of the kingdom animalia so as these are child to their characteristic feature is that these are skill your first option is case the squares are present in the snakes are characteristic feature of the we can say that this is one of the characteristic feature of the any of the reptile all reptile most of reptile these are scale in nature to skills are present welder skills are present in the snake so this is an incorrect option second option we are having that

if you see the tympanum timpano it is the year membrane 10 snakes will let's hear in this way they are different from the lizard lizard contain the external ear snakes let the external ear and they even like the tympanic membrane and then there is a Bony cavity States mein liya all these are act and their having very rudimentary copier although that is present but external ear or temp tympanum these are absent in the case of the correct option we will check other options also next is Arab ribs are very much part of the snake skeletal system breeds are there is a spine with attached with the skirts and with the skull ribs are attached which provide the protection to the

journal organs and even these tribes they also help in the respiration movement of the ribs they helped in the Restoration of the snake so they are having that if so this is also in correct option and last is the locomotion so snakes are not the Chris Kyle organisms like they can't move anywhere they can move although their movement is not like as other human beings and other vertebrates they are limitless but they can move they are having the crawling movement and flooring moment with this day control and the can easily move will show the locomotion locomotion is well dwelt in a snake's we can easily see the snakes they are moving from one place to another which is also in correct option correct option become the option be that is tympanum because they let the external ear and tympanum membrane