S.L Miller's closed flask contained


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hello everyone so the question is as thermal or close flask contains so basically s s Miller and urey Miller and perform an experiment in the year 1982 the experiment performed by them was basically the prove that they prove that life originate from Life originate from inorganic molecules inorganic Mali queues created team basically
the created them in a primitive condition we can say when lighting was providing conditions and conditions so basically that gases like water in the form of water sleeper H2O in water in the form of water vapour ch4 means Ammonia and H2 basically they then with electrode and the park was discharged in them and they collected them in a chamber basically the
chamber in the ground that there is a presence of organic molecules in them their presence of organic molecules in them to be the experiment converted De in organic molecules and organic molecules into organic molecules stone here we can see that phones4u was present NH3 and water vapours here NH3 and water vapour also present in that flat and H2 were also presented that fly to the correct answer for this position will be all of the above all the above are the correct option as a developer
rose plant contains ch4 nh33 to elect

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