Question : Shepherd's purse plant belongs to family :-

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Shepherd's purse plant belongs to family :-

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(a) Cruciferae (b) Malvaceae (c) Solanaceae (d) Leguminocae

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question says shepherd's purse plant belongs to which family so in the options given different families and we have to choose the correct coin purse plant with specifically is known as which is commonly known as shepherd's purse due to the appearance of a white flowers white colour where are the flowers of the plant and triangular shaped you can see the green structure it is the fruit due to the appearance of a triangular shaped fruit it is also known as Shepherd purse this plant is native to Eastern Europe but now it is a common weed or around the world so it is the type of wheat plant all over the world time to consider this plan

protocol as a kid that can be used as an application for pesticides in the culture and they belong to the family called traffic and see it is also classically commonly known as master family tour capsella bursa-pastoris which is commonly known as it belongs to the master family and when we see the options in correct answer because if we see rest of the options beaches Malviya see which belongs to the plant flowering plants which belong to Malviya st and this is not the tomato and potato plants come until this family and leguminous plants

option we have a correct option which is a process of

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QuestionShepherd's purse plant belongs to family :-
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