Question : Select the wrong pair

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

RNA polymerase I- Sn RNA 5S rRNARNA polymerase I- r-RNARNA polymerase II -hnRNARNA polymerase III – tRNA

Answer :


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hello students who looked at the question question is like the wrong there are any polymerase 1 small nuclear RNA 5S ribosomal RNA polymerase 2 ribosomal RNA polymerase 2 ha polymerase 1 ribosomal RNA polymerase 2 heteronuclear RNA polymerase 3 transfer RNA so if you will see the RNA polymerase in prokaryotes only RNA polymerases present which catalyzes all the different types of RNA but in case of eukaryotes there are three different RNA polymerases are present so here we will see what they in code for so first one here you will see RNA Pol 1 s r 42 and third is the RNA Pol 3 written write the RNA polymerase 1 and 2

there is a polymerase 3 so these are the polymer which catalyzes different r n a r n a polymer is one it analyses the it catalyzes the ribosomal RNA all ribosomal RNA we can say that the ribosomal RNA that is 20 as 18 years and then there is a 5.8 as these ribosomal RNA that are being catalyzed by RNA polymerase 1 then the RNA polymerase 2 it catalyzes the sterilizers the small nuclear RNA small nuclear RNA then heteronuclear or we can say that the attribute hydronium ion is the transcript of the Mr ns200 nuclear RNA or DNA to these

catalyzed by Paul through polymerase 2 and then there is the third one that is polymer is 338 catalyzes the transfer RNA than 5.8 of sorry 5S ribosomal RNA ribosomal RNA catalyzed by polymerase 1 except 5s 5s is catalyzed by polymerase 3 so this is the hair we can see the wrong per we have to choose first one is RNA polymerase 1 small nuclear and this is incorrect small nuclear RNA that was doing catalyzed by the polymerase 2 and 5S ribosomal RNA that is by polymerase 3 not the polymerase 1 this is incorrect and we have to choose the wrong here so we can say that this is the wrong care we will check other also RNA polymerase 1 ribosomal RNA ribosomal RNA with the exception that is being catalyzed by polymerase 1 this is correct or incorrect

option polymerase to heteronuclear any disease also incorrect polymerase 3 and that is also encourage all three are three word connect there but one was a wrong that is option option is correct hope you get it thank you

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